Poland turns to U.S. military support in Eastern Europe, the Senator said Alexei Pushkov, commenting on the message about Washington’s decision to send Poland an additional 1 thousand American soldiers.

“This is to be expected. Poland converted to military support US on the East of Europe, of course, against Russia. That was the idea of Zbigniew Brzezinski even he realized. The Polish elite, obsessed even complexes, undoubtedly, rejoice,” wrote Pushkov in his Telegram channel.

“Do not be surprised if followed by military personnel in Poland from the same Germany will transfer American nuclear bombs. This has already been said the US Ambassador in Warsaw, Mosbacher. It then disavowed in the US – they say that it was wrong and generally do not understand what he is saying. Warsaw said that no such plans. But it is very likely that it just gave – unwittingly or just the opposite – intentionally, as a first trial balloon, a future scenario: remove nuclear warheads from Germany, where they not happy, in Poland, where they were met with demonstrations of joy,” he suggested.

“Another thing is, how it is necessary and beneficial to Poland as a country to turn into an advanced base for the United States in Eastern Europe. Polish elite amuse their ambitions, but Poland’s security, which is no danger, is not strengthen, but rather seriously undermine”, – concluded the Senator.

Recall that Washington and Warsaw have concluded negotiations on the agreement on enhanced defense cooperation (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement or EDCA) in which Poland will be allocated an additional 1 thousand American troops.

As was stated by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin, the transfer of the US military to the borders of Russia leads to instability near the Russian borders.

Meanwhile, the US withdrawal from Germany 11.9 thousand military. The country’s defense Ministry intends as soon as possible to redeploy troops in Europe.