may 12, in the country stopped period non-working days. However, the risk of infection with coronavirus at the moment persists. According to doctors, the disease is most dangerous for people over 65. In this regard, the Government had taken the necessary measures to ensure that all working citizens of this age could continue to stay home. Currently workers over the age of 65 years are entitled to draw sick leave from 12 to 29 may, from the comfort of home.

the Right to issue the sick list until may 29 to all citizens who were born before may 12, 1955, inclusive. Employees transferred to the remote operation mode or in the specified period on vacation, the hospital will not be required. For example, if you are a running instructor, you can do their work from home, and accordingly, to put their salary. And the master of the factory, for example, will not be able to cope with their responsibilities in the distance. Such employee for the period of quarantine and will require a hospital.

to ensure that people don’t have to leave home to collect the necessary papers, experts of Fund of social insurance have simplified the design of the electronic certificate of incapacity in the period of the pandemic.

Persons who mode isolation at the place of residence or place of stay, the actual location, including residential and garden houses on the garden land plots, except for those transferred in remote mode or in the annual paid leave may receive sick leave in a lump sum at 18 calendar days for the period from 12.05.2020 for 29.05.2020.

the Employer sends to yourself the Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation (further – Fund) the list of insured persons consisting with it in labour relations and to observe the mode of isolation, to obtain sick leave application documents necessary for appointment and payment of temporary disability allowances.

the Foundation, in turn, transmits the data on insured persons to the authorized medical organization for a decision on the formation of the electronic certificate of incapacity.

After the formation of the electronic certificate of incapacity, territorial bodies of Fund produce the appointment and payment of temporary disability allowances.

How to calculate your benefit amount for temporary disability? There is nothing complicated, the calculation is performed according to the standard scheme, which operated before the lockdown. That is, all citizens who have experience more than 8 years, can expect to be paid for all days of disability, on the basis of 100 percent of earnings zastrahovan��tion of the face on which the accrued insurance premiums in the FSS. To date the maximum earnings per month that is subject to contributions to the social insurance Fund, 041,10 is 69 rubles. That is, for 18 days of temporary incapacity to work from 12 to 29 may, the maximum you can get 41 424,66 rubles. The minimum size of temporary disability benefit in the month cannot be below the minimum wage, that is, 12130 rubles. Accordingly, the minimum benefit amount for full-time employment of the citizen over 65 years old in 18 days from 12 to 29 may will be 7043,22 rubles.

to calculate the size of temporary disability allowance, which is supposed that you need to enter your personal account of the insured on the website of the social insurance Fund. To log in to your personal account, simply enter the same username and password you use to login on the portal of state services.

in addition, it must be remembered that the payment of allowances for temporary disability is only subject to the regime of self-isolation. In case of violation, the employee must reimburse the state an amount equal to the amount of benefits.