After years of research the famous Egyptologist, Professor Rainer Haning said that he managed to crack the code encrypted Voynich manuscript. The beginning of the XV century manuscript written on the basis of the Hebrew.

“Analyzing the structure of words, word length, and the definition of glasnost, he was able to identify the language as Semitic, comparing it with European and non-European languages. As a result, in the narrower selection included Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew, which was common in the Middle ages as scholars in Europe,” according to the portal RP Museum.

According to the hypothesis of Professor Rainer Haninge, the Voynich manuscript is a set of abbreviations, and the standard Latin phrases and abbreviations complicate the process of deciphering.

“the translation of the book Voynich will take several years, even if hebraisti, well versed in Hebrew Medieval medical and Botanical texts, will undertake the analysis. The originality of the writing, pronunciation and vocabulary of those times will cause you the most problems even a native speaker of Hebrew,” – writes in his Professor.

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the Voynich Manuscript was created in the FIFTEENTH century. The manuscript discovered in 1912 by antique dealer Wilfried Voynich in the ancient South-European castle Villa Mondragone.

the Book consists of 240 pages with the image of famous and not familiar to the science of plants, women and celestial bodies.

Text tried many scientists, but to no avail. Cryptologist Gordon Rugg believes that the manuscript is a fake, but the text does not make sense.