Arthur Tappero works as a milker and single-handedly raising five children, the oldest of whom is 12 years old. The family lives in an old wreck. Salaries and benefits are only enough to obihazhivat children. New home seemed an unattainable dream.

– We tried to help this family. Several times I have applied for the inclusion of Toppyramid in various housing programs. But it does not work, then one criterion does not pass, then another. Three years possibly. And then got together with the guys and decided: let’s build a home of their own, – says the village head Stepan Kuzmin.

So in Belogore appeared cell “Forces of good”, whose commander was Sam Kuzmin. All the hassle with the paperwork and approvals (for example, to electricity to feed to the house) took over rural administration.

Picked the right area. Stepan Nikolaevich found a construction company that free allocated timber. Responded and other organizations in the district, shared tools, materials, products for builders. Carpenters did not have to search almost all rural men are familiar with this craft, and belogorskii no exception. Salary large (9 to 11 meters) of a log-house team of villagers laid in February. But after 17 days the house is crowned with a roof.

– Money for jobs, no one asked. The house stood, gave a Deposit, you will start the interior trim. At the same time will also improve the territory and until the end of the year, the large family will celebrate the long-awaited housewarming party, – said Stepan Kuzmin.

He notes that the “Forces of good” has no fixed membership.

– about 15 People – those who I consider the backbone. You can contact them at any time and they will come to help. But as we need to connect with other. For example, our guys worked hard during the flood. Now free of charge involved in the recovery effort, – the chief of the rural “commando”.

This movement is only three years. But the backstory he’s rich. Until society learned the delights of modern individualism, head of the Gagarin district of Yakutsk Ruslan Platonov studied social practices of the Soviet era.

– So in 2017, when the mayor of the city (now the head of the Republic), Aisen Nikolayev, asked me to think about creating organizations that not very difficult, but the acute problems of the citizens, to invent anything not necessary. Komsomol and pioneers appeared a long time ago. The principles of their activities became the base for our movement. The only difference is that we now live in a different formation, and participants of the “Forces of good” – not teenagers, but grown men – said Ruslan Platonov.

Started out with simple things, to which the municipality is often not reached.

– For example, the grandmother complained that the house twisted two��s. Right now I’m repairmen find – people are busy. But it week this problem all nerves frazzle: neither in or out. How to be? It’s very simple. I call a friend. After work we go to her and in a few minutes to rectify the door, – says organizer of the “special forces”.

From helping lonely disabled citizens the founders of the movement moved on to more serious projects. Did sidewalks in places where people had splashing in puddles, building playgrounds. For the year has built half a dozen.

– the Movement officially registered as a nonprofit organization, but we all do informally. In any tenders do not participate and do not accept anything that might delay the process. I have two or three comrades call, they are also your friends, acquaintances gather. One is technique, the other tools, the third one can help with money, just the fourth hand on the spot. Strangers, upon learning that happens also tightened. I wonder the same! We need these playgrounds at a cost of 15 thousand rubles, the money was only required for materials. And if you build according to the municipal program, each have almost 300 thousand, – says Ruslan Platonov.

Going to the Ministry of youth Affairs of Yakutia, the main “commando” was to extend the experience of the movement at the regional level. He now works as the head of the national Department for local government, and this is probably the best place to promote mutual assistance.

the Project tells life, and they can be very different. In one village repaired the kindergarten, and in the other a large family house. Last fall on the river Vilyuy in Suntarsky ulus during the freeze-up had formed many ridges. Road equipment autumn ice still could not withstand, but the car could go, if not for the piles of ice. And then it took the local unit of the “Forces of good”. Gathered more than 120 men with axes and ice picks, and the day was cut through the hummocks crossing.

– This action is good because each member understands that by helping others, you help yourself to become better, – said Ruslan Platonov.

According to the head of the movement, much the “Forces of good” will appear after the epidemic of the coronavirus.

– as soon As this attack will take place, start to make plans for the areas. Affairs will be a great deal. I think the number of fighters will grow to about ten thousand people, – says Ruslan Platonov.

moreover, it intends to establish cooperation with large companies. Each of them developed their long-term social programs, but they, according to Platonov, not always responsive to the most urgent needs of the population.

– Try to connect the industrial enterprise to our plans, which will be very specific, suggested Wa life – he concluded.