Minister of health Michael Murashko said that the first vaccine against a coronavirus can appear in Russia toward the end of July. About it reports “Interfax”.

According to the Minister, vaccine trials will start in June. During these tests it will be clear when the vaccines will be studied directly in practical application.

Murashko said that the first products will appear closer to the last decade of July. He stressed that these forecasts give Russian scientists. Preliminary test results, he said, was encouraging.

According to TASS, Murashko also mentioned several drugs that can enter into clinical practice in the coming weeks.

“They really change the picture of the disease, and some of them are a substitute for foreign drugs. One of the drugs has including antiviral activity,” – said the Minister.

How to write “Rambler”, scientists believe that the threat of coronavirus completely will recede only after the appearance of the medicine or vaccine.

In mid-April, the world health organization (who) said the vaccine against the new coronavirus will be available at least 12 months.

The who has included in its list of promising vaccines against coronavirus nine Russian developments. Only for 23 April in the world has created 83 of the drug, 77 of them are on pre-clinical studies, and six have already begun to experience the people.