Saying "morning", it turns out, has a scientific basis. In any case, his offer of American scientists from Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Missouri.

Science has known that sleep is necessary for normal working memory. In the dream, short-term memory turns into long-term, but the brain gets rid of some information that seems to him unnecessary. Now scientists are conducting experiments with the flies, fruit flies, found in sleep, another important function: it helps the brain to adapt to unexpected situations. By the way, sleep these flies in many respects similar to ours. For example, flies-the kids are asleep for a lot longer than older; from caffeine, they sleep less, and antihistamines immerse them in slumber.

Scientists have created flies very extreme situation, depriving young adults the ability to fly. The effect was unexpected: all the "mundane" individuals fell into a long sleep. And here actually and began science. The researchers were able to find flies have neurons that induce the brain to sleep longer at idle wings. But scientists were in for another surprise: it turned out to be the same neurons that operate in the normal formation of the wings. What could change in their work?

Obviously, the ability to fly and control the wings since birth somehow built into the fly’s brain, but still she needed these skills to get comfortable. And suddenly no wings, you need to learn to live without them, which means that the neurons to change. And found that helps sleep. According to scientists, it enhances brain plasticity, "teaches" to tune in to new situations. It is possible to cope with life’s surprises, and the man need to sleep longer. The paper was published in Science Advances.