From Ulla Astman has worked with healthcare systems, a large part of his career as a politician. Sunday the 5. april she fills 50.

It is the health and operation of the hospitals that have characterized Ulla Astmans political life.

She has the Social democrats been president of the north denmark Region since 2007.

Ulla Astman, as Sunday the 5. april the age of 50, is educated cand.scient.adm. from the Aalborg University. She has experience from 10 years of working as a project manager in the County of North jutland and later as a planner in the city of Aalborg.

Then in november of 2017 was warmed up for the challenge to become the new chairman of the Danish Regions after fellow party member Bent Hansen, volunteered Astman ready for battle.

Danish Regions is an association of the country’s five regions, that has as main task to drive the healthcare system. The president is in front, when the regions each year negotiates with the minister of finance about how much money they must have for their work.

Her careful attention to every detail was venstrekvinden Stephanie Lose from the Region of southern denmark. Most viewed Ulla Astman for the heaviest candidate and a probable winner, since she is over ten years had been chairman of the Danish Regions ‘ health committee.

Lose was far less experienced in the field of health than his careful attention to every detail.

But when The Radical surprisingly threw their crucial let into for the benefit of Stephanie Lose, had Astman see them beaten. She was instead the first vice-president of the Danish Regions.

– I think it is too bad. The social democrats have prospered in the Danish regions, so I was hoping that you would have respect for the voters ‘ judgment. It is not in the Radical Left, said Astman to TV2 Nord.

the Agreement also meant that The Radicals were the party of the regions ‘ health committee, as Astman had been sitting on for ten years.

When Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s blue government in January 2019, according to several media made ready to bag the regions, told Ulla Astman, among the many critics.

– I am worried that it will centralize a number of decisions – that they instead must be taken by the officials or in the bestyrelseskonstruktioner, she said to Jyllands-Posten.

I wrote has been chairman of the growth forum in the Region of Nordjylland until the year 2018. She has also been president of the Danish society for Patient safety.

Ulla Astman has lived in Aalborg suburb of Gistrup since 1990. She is married and has three children.