the Father of singer Britney Spears Jamie commented on the demands to release his daughter from the care. This writes Page Six.

68-year-old guardian of the pop singer admitted that he was tired of the campaign #FreeBritney, which has been launched by concerned fans. “Supporters of this conspiracy theory don’t have a clue about what is really going on. Only the California court can decide what is best for my daughter. More it’s nobody’s business,” said Jamie Spears.

He also denied rumors that he withdraws money from the account of his daughter. As a Trustee, he must account for every penny spent, recalled the singer’s father.

the Hashtag in support of Britney Spears has gained popularity in early July. Fans of the 38-year-old star demanded her rights and independence.

Britney Spears was placed under the guardianship of their father and a lawyer in 2008, shortly after admission due to mental health problems. The singer is unable to dispose of their property and valued at $ 58 million and as well as the fate of their children. A monthly salary is 70 thousand dollars.