the Mother of the deceased wife in St. Petersburg rapper Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko) did not help his widow, Marina Kohala to dismember the body, and the true motive of the perfect woman of the act was to “preserve the blessed memory of my husband”. This was stated by the lawyer of the accused in the murder of Russian woman Irina Scurtu, her words are quoted by “the Fifth channel”.

“Again with the same purpose that, if and when someone will find that it was not clear what it is. To preserve his memory,” — said the lawyer. She also added that Kohala is not washed the internal organs of the deceased, but only his clothes. Such rumors appeared after the words of each rapper’s passion for his wife the esoteric. In addition, responding to a question about the “technicality” of dismemberment, the lawyer noted that no special skills to the widow of the musician is not required.

Scurto conveyed the words of the defendant that now she would not have done so with the body of her husband. She also stressed that the external injuries on the body of the rapper is not, and the cause of death experts could not be established.

other items brought and the Marina Kohala. She told me that she cut the fingertips from the hands of the husband, to hinder his identification. Then took the biomaterial to the Playground, hoping it will eat rats.

Wife jusko was arrested July 31 on suspicion of murder. According to Kohala, the rapper died four days ago from a drug overdose. To hide “the inglorious death of a musician”, she dismembered her husband, put the remains in bags and wanted to hide, but not figured out what to do with packages, so I contacted a lawyer, who called the police.

If it is confirmed that jusko died from a drug overdose, the Kohala will have to answer under article 244 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Violation of bodies died”).