President Vladimir Putin during an interview with TV channel “Russia” to speculate on secession of Soviet republics from the USSR and the territorial “gifts” of the Russian people. Later, his words commented the press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov.

Putin said that the Soviet republics were entitled to secede from the Soviet Union, but the procedure was not spelled out in advance.

the President drew attention to the situation in which some of the Republic received as “Luggage” huge number of Russian lands, “the traditional Russian historical territories”, and then decided to leave the USSR.

“Well, at least then went with what came, and not dragged to a “gift” from the Russian people,” – said the Russian leader.

Later, the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov said that in speaking of the territorial gifts of the Russian people, Putin had in mind previously admitted a system error in the Constitution.

when asked whether the President believes that the country remained a territory, which need to reunite with Russia, Peskov replied in the negative. The speaker of the Kremlin once again stressed that it was just about system failures, which are very important to rule out in the future.