as you get closer to your final campaign of the exam all the more clearly flows into the next critical phase of the annual life cycle of the alumni enroll in universities. As it turned out, the experts have already defined the acceptance and 2020. But at the same time calculated to move the bulk of graduates; just waiting for the state; and how are these expectations.

Pandemic coronavirus has become an active sponsor of many events this year. Was no exception and the choice of life path of yesterday’s schoolchildren. So, if the spread of infection to universities, according to surveys conducted by the Higher school of Economics, was about 87% of the graduates, in the summer, the number fell to 83%. Each third of respondents said that Razumovskii to go to College there and among his classmates, and the proportion of those wishing to study in secondary vocational education has increased with the recent 6% to 8%.

My role in this, of course, was the unprecedented decision of the authorities on the issuance without examination of the diplomas of the school all refused admission to universities this year. But for those who, despite this tempting offer, he decided to go to College, the survey revealed a top-three preferences. It is a natural science (chemistry, biology, physics) and Economics management (17% of respondents each), as well as engineering and technical Sciences — 16%.

the desire of the graduates do not coincide with the areas of training that are important to the state. For example, under engineering designed more than 250 thousand budget places, noted by the authors of the study, and it-only 1.4% while the demand from graduates at 12%.

In the end much to do in what is the soul, not to go where their points you can get on a budgetary place, will have to learn at their own expense. Perhaps, therefore, to consider the educational loan ready almost every fourth school graduate — 23%. And this, as explained “MK” Director of the Center for lifelong education Economics, Ranepa Tatiana Klyachko, speaks volumes:

– Question student loans due to the General economic situation is now becoming extremely relevant. Our poll on this subject the beginning of 2000-ies showed that the middle class rarely took student loans, preferring to borrow for higher education of children with friends and relatives. But poor families were willing to do it, and the reason is simple: they simply have nowhere to take the money. Now the solvency of families is falling, and for many, perhaps education loan will also be the only opportunity to find funds for the education of children, if the have not got the budget places. In such cases, by the way, bude�� a lot, because usually if the proportion of those who will be budget, is around 57% of the graduates of the school, but this year given the allocated budget places to take approximately 60%. This, of course, a good indicator. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of first-year students will pay the tuition at their own expense. In addition, many of those who came in early and already studying on a paid basis will not be able to pay for the continuation of studies — for example, if parents lose a job or jobs will lose these guys. I think it takes special measures for their support, and educational loan can be one of them. The only question in the terms of such loans, but they will try to do is quite reasonable.

the expert Explained, and the phenomenon of dissatisfaction with the authorities demand obitury to prepare for it professions, like, so necessary today to the state itself:

Perhaps a slight difference in the demand of graduates in higher education in the field of computer and information Sciences (12%) and supply from the state (including surcharge set of admission of ICTs and close directions of preparation and specialties made up 8% of the total intake) are some weaknesses of the base and a shortage of people that will be teaching. In addition, future young professionals, which are gaining now will come into the economy at the earliest after 4 years. In what amount and what quality will then need pros, it is not very clear — they are sorely needed now.

as for the General preference of graduates is Klyachko, “to speak about the prevalence of young people wishing to study natural science prematurely. Although the interest in them is growing and this is a positive trend. Indeed, according to surveys of death, is natural-scientific field — chemistry, physics, biology, has chosen 17% of high school graduates. But the economy and the management had chosen the same 17%, education and petauke — 15%, and Humanities — 13%. Significantly increased and the request of applicants to medical education 12% this year compared to 8-10% in past years”.