The former husband of actress Irina Gorbacheva actor Gregory Kalinin in an interview with “Express newspaper” admitted that he cheated on ex-wife and suffered from alcoholism. The artist noted that male and female infidelity is “different things” between which there is no equality.

Gorbachev and Kalinin divorced two years ago. It is known that the actress has accused the wife of adultery. She repeatedly said in an interview that came back to her husband, but to ask for adultery and could not. The couple broke up.

Kalinin in communication with reporters said that knows firsthand what cheating because cheated on him. He noted that he had gained appropriate experience and made some conclusions. However, he drew attention to the different types of change: for love or affection, under the influence of alcohol and as a result of spontaneous passion.

“Women’s and men’s infidelity, as practice shows, completely different things, there is no equality,” concluded the actor.

He also said they had suffered from alcoholism. However, when the artist realized that the regular consumption of alcohol becomes a problem for him, he turned for help to the professionals.

“Now even beer and wine do not drink,” said Kalinin.

Currently, added the actor, he is in a relationship with actress Anna Lavrentieva, but

to marry again in a hurry. According to him, the stamp in the passport means nothing. But divorce later “annoying”.