on the Eve of the Day of the doctor instituted the order of the Pirogov – Putin awarded the best, he believes, the representatives of the profession. But even before the name of the father of Russian surgery used in the state awards, Pirogov wanted to canonize. Former Minister of health of Russia Yury Shevchenko claims that Nikolai Pirogov is miracles and doctors asking for his blessing on the transaction: “Someone is open and someone secretly.”

the canonization of the medic coming from the Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Yuri Shevchenko, Professor, academician of RAS and doctor of theological Sciences, the surgeon and the priest, explained why he supports this idea.

– Yuri L., first I want to congratulate you just passed the day of the doctor.

– thanks.

– I know that you are the President created the National medical and surgical center Pirogov, serve there in the hospital temple. Pies – your idol?

– No, idol – sinful concept, he is my patron Saint and intercessor. In the year of my birth in 1947 first came the eponymous film about pies, I saw it as a teenager and this man is forever defined my life, thanks to his example I chose the profession… Since he leads. The wonders were many. And not only me…

– And what miracles happened to you personally

– Relatively recent – I did not want to operate on one patient, he was young, but almost hopeless… a great Experience, and I know who will survive and who is not. Only an inner voice tells us that small chance still remains. I was tired of current work, and one afternoon fell asleep in his office at the table, suddenly the door opens… and in walks Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov.

He sat down, put his hand on mine and said: “Colleague, operate! You will succeed. I bless you!” A dream was it? The words proved prophetic. The surgery went great, two valve Pro severe infectious lesions of the heart and rapid postoperative recovery, the wound healed. That absolutely does not fit into our scientific and practical understanding. Similar cases, I know, happened more than once and not just me.

You still are operating, and even lead the clinic of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. As it is combined with your spiritual dignity?

I had oral and remains the written blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II. In addition, it was the blessing by a special rite, his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Vladimir, now appease us. Yes, priests are not always recommended to combine healing, but exceptions, of course, are not uncommon.

Why the Ukrainian Church proposed to canonize Pirogov?

Is Ukrainian Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, she in due time canonized surgeon Voyno-Yasenetsky, Archbishop of Crimea and Simferopol Luka. By the way, his name is Putin said second medical award. And then Luke was glorified and the Moscow Patriarchate. Pies for a long time lived and worked in Ukraine, here he wrote his philosophical “diary of an old doctor…” Here rested and rested.

However, whether Patriarch Kirill and the Moscow Patriarchate against the canonization of Pirogov?

– I do not know. And trust in the will of God.

– What do you think, as to the proposal of canonization Pirogov will include the Synodal Commission on canonization of saints of the Russian Orthodox Church, in whose jurisdiction are such questions?

– Now it will be to solve the Synodal Commission of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. If for some reason, will not be produced by the General opinion, it is not excluded, will remain metropotitan saints. In his time, and Archbishop Luke. In any case, the bureaucracy in such matters.

it May seem not quite correct from the point of view of the norms and canons of the Church, but this is a technicality that I personally worry a little. There is the concept “Holy”, “righteous”, “the Martyr” – in principle, the aggregate of the righteousness of life and spiritual heritage of Pies is a Saint. He led a Christian way of life, was a faithful Church, when he had finished his philosophical diary (“life Questions”), it is declared that the most important question – “this question of God.” He reconciled science and faith. By the way, the idea of chargeability Pirogov, including as a religious philosopher, canonized first raised already in the nineteenth century, shortly after his death.

– the Relics of a potential Saint must be incorruptible?

– So Pies and lies incorrupt. When he died at his estate near Vinnitsa, he wanted to say goodbye hundreds of professors and scientists from around the world, to go was far away and his wife was temporarily embalmed. And here 140 years in the basement of the Church below the ground level is a cancer with his relics and there is a constant pilgrimage.

of Course, I would like to canonization took place, although I am confident about any outcome, the more that people in our profession have long been praying Nikolai Ivanovich, asking his blessing on the transaction, someone open, someone secretly. Military surgeons in the hot spots are portrait of Pirogov in the pocket icon. True believers ignore the rules and formalities. Moreover, through such physicians as Pies and Archbishop Luke, many of my colleagues become Christians and come to Church.

So is it a coincidence the names of these two doctors began to wear a new national award?

No. This is not an accident. This is a great fishery.

– President?

No. Bo��and.