the CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce (Alan Joyce) has estimated the probability of infection by the coronavirus in the plane and questioned the necessity of distancing. His words leads edition of the Daily Mail.

So, on assurances of experts, at the moment there are no exact studies proving that the risk of catching infections on Board is great. In addition, he added that while scientists have not documented a single case of transmission from passenger to passenger or crew member.

“the plane all sitting in one direction and between travellers is a barrier. Medical reports show that the likelihood of Contracting COVID-19 while flying very low,” he explained.

In this regard, Joyce said he would insist on the abolition of the rules of distancing the aircraft and will consider more effective measures.

Earlier in may, scientists at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil called travel major cause of the spread of coronavirus across the planet. According to conclusions of experts, countries that have banned international air services have achieved greater success in combating infection than those who still have not taken any action.