the Duration of the working day on the “distance” grew by almost one-third of Russian companies, more than half of the country’s employers plan to return to the office after the pandemic, and part companies, their profile and the technical limitations did not allow to change the format operation.

“52% of companies that switched to the new mode of work, evaluated it as a necessity to stay in the market. About 23% speak about “remote” work positively. Another quarter of respondents are unhappy with this format due to the decrease in work efficiency and communication in the company as a whole,” citing the research of experts of the service “,” RIA Novosti reported.

More than half of employers are going to return all the employees in the office as soon as possible. Completely in remote mode, expect only 16% of companies, and another 15% expect to alternate formats of the work or offer to work from home professionals part of the departments.

Evaluating the length of the working day, more than half of the companies on the “distance” noted that it has not changed, about a third said about the increase in hours and a fifth of respondents said that the working day was reduced.

the study involved heads of companies, HR Directors, recruiters, HR specialists, which transferred employees to “udalenka”. The may survey covered over a thousand representatives of Russian companies from all regions of the country.