MOSCOW, may 13. /TASS/. Record daily growth mortality due new coronavirus — 881 fatal incident was Tuesday in Brazil. By the total number of those infected — more than 177 million — the largest country in South America has overtaken Germany and came in sixth place in the world.

In the U.S., which is firmly held by the world leader in the number of infected and deaths during a pandemic, the number of victims of the disease caused by a novel coronavirus, at the beginning of August to reach 147 thousand. With such a forecast was made on Tuesday in a broadcast of CNN Director of the Institute for measurement systems and analysis at the University of Washington’s Dr. Christopher Murray, who expressed concerns about too rapid removal of sanitary restrictions.

Wednesday for an easing of the quarantine starts in the UK, ranking fourth in the world in the number of infected and the second largest number of deaths.

Chinese Authorities, where the first outbreak of coronavirus occurred in December of last year, on Wednesday adopted a decision to partly restrict train links to the city, Jilin after recorded there several infections.

According to the world health organization (who), the epicenter of the pandemic clearly shifted from Europe to America: per day in the two American continents recorded more than 41.2 thousand new infections and 2 675 deaths. In Europe, these per diem figures — almost 24.2 thousand 1 277 infected and dead was twice below.

the highest compared to other South American countries, rates of infection are recorded in Brazil: only in the last day about 9.3 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, while the total number exceeded 177,5 thousand the Number of deaths reached 12 400, including last night confirmed a record 881 case.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of health, a month earlier, there were 22.2 thousand infected and 1 dead 225.

the Absolute world leader in the number of infected and deaths during a pandemic coronavirus hold U.S. according to Johns Hopkins University which carries out calculations based on data from Federal and local authorities in the country were more than 1.36 million cases of infection, died 82 246 people.

At the end of April — beginning of may American States on the recommendations of the Federal authorities began to ease previously imposed sanitary restrictions. However, too rapid advancement on this path can, in the opinion of the Director of the Institute for measurement systems and analysis at the University of Washington’s Dr. Christopher Murray, lead to the fact that by early August the number of victims of coronavirus��th infection in the United States can reach 147 thousand.

“We want to mitigate social distancing. People perceive it a certain way and facing the street. I believe that the figures [of infection and fatal outcomes] will increase if people do not begin to be careful and to wear masks if we don’t we will increase the availability of testing, detection and isolation of sources,” said Murray aired on CNN.

the Actual number of victims of the disease caused by a novel coronavirus, in the United States may exceed the official statistics. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday, the Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States Anthony Fauci, speaking at the hearings in the Committee on health, education, labor and pensions of the Senate of the U.S. Congress.

On the possibility of serious discrepancies between the real data and statistical calculations of the Ministry of health indicated Tuesday the office for national statistics (ONS) in the UK.

According to its published report, the number of deaths potentially associated with the disease caused by a novel coronavirus, in England and Wales on 1 may reached 34 978. According to estimates of Reuters, based in Northern Ireland and Scotland the figure is more than 38 thousand While the British Ministry of health on may 1, reported 27.5 million deaths, and according to the latest figures, announced on may 11, the number of deaths in the country reached 32 065.

From Wednesday in Britain introduced some easing of quarantine measures: permitted to take an unlimited number of times out in public, to sunbathe, to travel by car to remote places of leisure. Will be able to reach representatives of construction firms and the various sectors of the industry that can’t work from home.

together with the environment, fines for violation of the quarantine will be increased from 60 pounds (about 5.5 thousand rubles) up to 100 pounds (about 9 thousand rubles) for the first violation, but subsequent cases the maximum fine can reach up to 3.2 thousand pounds (about 292 thousand). In addition, the authorities are considering the introduction of a mandatory two-week quarantine for anyone arriving in the country.

Meanwhile, Austria, which is the first in the EU began in mid-April to gradually remove the quarantine restrictions from may 1 canceled mode isolation, opened all the shops and services and expects by June to abolish the border controls with Switzerland. Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz also expressed hope for a speedy removal of the control on the border with Germany.

the Weakening of sanitary measures became possible thanks to the reduction of the daily increase in the number of infected up to 1%, compared with 40 percent in March.

China over the past day, recorded seven new cases��EV of the coronavirus, including six local and one imported due abroad.

All six new cases in the country was recorded in Jilin province in the same city. One person in this region is suspected of infection with the coronavirus, but his diagnosis has not yet been confirmed. At least 367 people who had contact with infected, now isolated and are under observation of doctors.

in Order to prevent further spread of the infection, authorities decided to temporarily restrict rail links to Jilin.

According to the 13 may, the total number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in China reached 82 926, recovered 78 189 people died 4 633. Currently there are a total of 104 active cases of treatment of coronavirus (status 10 patients is estimated as heavy).