Scientists from the University of Hong Kong has proved the high effectiveness of medical masks in the fight against coronavirus infection due to test on hamsters. This writes the South China Morning Post.

it became Clear that personal protective equipment help to significantly reduce non-contact transmission of the virus.

the experiment involved 52 hamster. The scientists for these experiments was built a special design. In each of the cells on one side were placed one coronavirus-infected hamster, and the other three are healthy. Between cells researchers have set the fans to “spread” the infection from an infected rodent healthy. In addition, between the cells the scientists placed a special “mask wall”.

the Experts conducted three tests: one of them a “mask wall” was placed in cells with infected animals, and the second in cells from healthy hamsters, the third one is not intended. A week later, after the experiment, 10 of the 15 healthy hamsters were in cages without walls, contracted coronavirus infection. In those cases when cells from infected animals were set masks the infection was picked up only two rodent 12 in the opposite cage. After the test partition was placed only in cells from healthy hamsters became ill four rodent out of 12.

the Experts concluded that the transmission of coronavirus may be reduced by 50 percent when wearing medical masks.

Earlier it was reported that after medical examination 26-year-old runner from Wuhan, China, had urgent surgery due to critical condition of his lungs. According to doctors, the cause of the incident was wearing a mask while Jogging. It is reported that the man was admitted to our hospital with complaints of chest pain and shortness of breath. After medical examination it was found that his left lung was compressed by 90% and his heart has shifted to the right side of the body.