On the new dangers of the virus COVID-19 warned scientists of the Medical University Zinina, examining the impact of the virus on the genital organs of the female. They came to the conclusion that, as the placenta, ovaries and other reproductive organs are on the surface of cells containing the protein АСЕ2, they can also become infected. Because we have already proved that АСЕ2 attached “spikes” of coronavirus.

the Researchers studied the distribution and function of ACE2 in the female reproductive system, and found that АСЕ2 widely expressed in the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and placenta.

on this Basis, scientists have concluded that in addition to droplet and contact transmission, there is also the possibility of transmission from mother to child and through sexual contact. АСЕ2 involved in regulating the development of follicles and ovulation, the luteal modulates angiogenesis and degeneration, and affects the regular changes in the development of endometrial tissue and the embryo.

“Taking into account these functions, CoV-2019 can disrupt female reproductive function through the regulation of the ACE2,” according to published on the Oxford Academic work – and thus, in theory, lead to infertility. For more precise conclusions need long-term monitoring of the health of survivors coronavirus young women.