an intensive care Doctor of one of medical institutions of Moscow, is intended for patients with pneumonia or confirmed coronavirus infection of new type, described in interview “Evening Moscow” on what patients come into the er.

As the physician reported, the youngest was in the intensive care unit patients with COVID-19 was twenty years old. In addition, she said, brought and 26-, 30-, 40-year-old.

“of Course, a lot of elderly patients up to 80 years. But it is difficult to talk about age-related statistics. Rather, can point out the fact that the majority of patients — people with weighing a hundred pounds and more,” shared details of the doctor – resuscitator

She also pointed to the fact that 80% of patients before the infection coronavirus infection had underlying diseases — diabetes, obesity, cardiac ailments character.

however, the woman told that in the last month was when we managed to raise almost “hopeless” patients. But, as noted resuscitator, similar stories with happy end, not as much as I would like.

She added that doctors work in an emergency mode almost a month, and like other people, experience great moral and physical fatigue.

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