a few days, and all schools will start the exam. This year’s nervousness add a “coronavirus” the conditions in which it will be held. The organizers will be in disguise, but it is likely that, depending on epigastralny, in some schools will be forced to wear them and graduates. Parents in a panic that the child may not show the best results. “MK” has found out how to reduce anxiety and facilitate the process of the exam, even in disguise, with the help of breathing exercises.

pediatrician, a specialist in hardening of children and adolescents Marianne Bogdanova owns various “soothing” methods, including in the form of proper breathing and relaxation of muscles. The day before the exam she told “MK” in its recommendations:

– Graduates always experience real stress before such an important step in their lives, but the exam-2020 adds to the fear and his uncertainty, because all the tests are in the unique circumstances of a pandemic. Therefore, the agenda – how to help the fragile psyche of former pupils to cope with anxiety and panic. First of all, do not forget about physical activity. Any physical activity leads to increased metabolic processes in the body. After exercising experiencing a pleasant feeling, because while sports person stand out special substances called endocannabinoids, which act on the neurons in the brain and improve the appetite, and reduce anxiety, affect memory and learning. But it is important not to cause fatigue.

I would highly recommend at this period the exercises of respiratory gymnastics. Such exercises will allow to saturate the brain with oxygen – then the process of learning and remembering of information will be faster and also help relieve anxiety. During class sit comfortably, this is usually a supine position or standing upright. It is desirable to stay alone with yourself, to switch off the phone and computer, close your eyes and relax, throwing out of my head all the negative thoughts. And then do some exercises. First. Inhale for two counts. First, breathe in belly, then fill your chest. Then slowly exhale to the count of five. After you exhale, pause for a count of five. Repeat a few times. After this exercise, slow heart rate, clearer thinking.

Second. Place the index finger of his left hand on the middle of the forehead, with the thumb hold down the left nostril. The other fingers freely lie on his right cheek. Breathe right nostril, then pinch her ring finger, simultaneously opening the left nostril and exhale through making it. Then breathe in the left nostril, hold, and exhale make the right nostrils. And so do alternately several times.

Third. Take a deep breath and keepresidents of breathing for 10 accounts, and then gradually breathe out.

Fourth. Lie on your back, relax the muscles of the legs and back and get some stomach 30 accounts.

What are some life hacks on the day of the exam?

– When will there be a “day X” and the panic is growing, the heartbeat increases, the room is stuffy and besides, maybe someone will be in masks, to cope with anxiety will help things.

firstly, before the test explain to your child that when he feels the lack of air, it is necessary to make a yawn. It helps to fill blood with oxygen. You should close your eyes, your mouth wide open and in a position to yawn several times.

second, don’t forget to give a teenager with a clean water and let it regularly takes a SIP of water. It is not recommended to replace the water with juice or sugary “soda”.

third, the emotional state is often accompanied by increased muscle tension. Therefore, during heavy emotional work, we can observe the tightness of the muscles of the face and body. Therefore, the child should to relax back and neck, leaning back on the chair back. And also you can hold all the muscles of the body and face for a few seconds, then suddenly relax them.

And fourth. The simple breathing exercise for relaxation is the expense. Sit on a chair preferably with a straight back. Relax your arms, legs, neck. Breathe deeply. Start counting breaths. When he reached 10 – start again. This exercise will easily return you to a state of “here and now”, will allow us to clearly and soberly assess the situation.

And I would like to remind the General rules. The main advice for anyone, not just Teens, at the time of stress need the support of loved ones. You need to create a favorable atmosphere in the house, not to escalate the situation. In any case not to remember past failures and resentments. Further, one should not focus on study and training, the brain needs to rest. Sleep at least 8 hours, and the time for any personal things must be present. Not to forget about healthy eating. Be sure to include in the diet of meat, fish, cereals, dairy products. Daily diet – not less than 2400 kcal.