the Exact date of the onset of the second wave of the coronavirus will depend on weather conditions this summer, said the head of the infectious branch of CCB Manager of the President Ekaterina Trifonova.

According to experts, the intensity of the new wave is likely to be weaker than the first, as the part of the Russians by this time will have time to contract the coronavirus. However, to avoid re-enters Covid-19 is almost impossible, sure specialist. Among the reasons – the novelty of the virus and the lowest proportion of people with immunity.

“Will flash in the fall or it will be early, will depend largely on weather conditions, what will be the summer cold or hot, and how quickly we move on to normal life and how soon will be taken measures on restrictions,” – said Ekaterina Trifonova, words which leads RIA Novosti.

Only in Russia revealed 432 777 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions of the country, according to the website “Stopmanager.Of the Russian Federation” on June 3. For the entire period recorded 5 215 deaths, recovered 195 957 people.