MOSCOW, 1 may — RIA Novosti. The pulmonologist Vyacheslav Ovechkin, the TV channel “Moscow 24” has explained a large number of young patients with COVID-19

According to the doctor, definite answer to the question about the reasons for the large number of coronavirus-infected youth can be given.

Ovechkin added that the coronavirus, like other respiratory infections, can affect different people, including young people.

“With the presence of chronic diseases more associated risk of adverse outcome,” — said the doctor.

Pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has spread to almost every country in the world. According to who, it has infected more than 3.1 million people, of which about 218 thousand died and a million were cured.

most of the cases recorded in the United States, Spain and Italy. The same countries leading in the number of victims of the virus.

Russia ranks eighth for the number of infected people. The country COVID-19 diagnosed 114 431 persons (increase per day of 7.4%) of them recovered almost 13220 and 1169 patients died.

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