Recently Maxim Fadeev boasted on instagram with the results of weight loss. During the year, the producer took off as much as 100 pounds.

You see, he now easily fits in one pant leg from the “old” shorts.

However, many saw drastic postroeniem musician some soreness.

Dietitian Inna Kononenko believes that such a large weight loss can be dangerous to his body as she noticed that Maxim not only dropped weight, but he is leaving and muscle mass, reports Channel 5.

“He lost weight very much. Very thin legs. This suggests that it is muscle loss. Without supervision of experts so to lose weight is impossible. Because 100 kilograms per year is a lot. About 50-60 pounds, it would be more physiological weight loss,” said the doctor.

First Kononenko advised to pay attention to the gallbladder – because of sudden weight loss there may form stones. Fadeeva should be regularly examined by physicians.

For the future, Maxim may have to use the services of a plastic surgeon to remove excess skin.

Recommendation Fadeeva every morning to drink on an empty stomach a glass of hot (warm) water nutritionist approved.

“When we drink water on an empty stomach, it helps us for weight loss, and to start the work of our gastrointestinal tract. . The body will get rid of toxins that have accumulated during the night.”

As reported by “Rambler”, recently Fadeev said that most of the music and production is not going away, but now will not cooperate with artists and “creators”.

And now fans finally got the answer to the question of the direction in which Maxim will move on. the

Publish from MAXIM FADEEV (@fadeevmaxim) 27 Jun 2020 1:19 PDT