Physician pediatric ambulance 61-year-old Mikhail Lebedev died in the medical center “Novomoskovsky”. The medic caught COVID-19 at work three weeks ago.

As it became known “MK”, the first symptoms of coronavirus — fever and cough — Mikhail Mikhailovich felt on April 11. The neonatologist worked in 11 substations were transported to hospitals kids, and CОVID-19. April 12, fell ill with similar symptoms, the doctor’s wife — music school teacher, 54-year-old Marina Nikolaevna (they live together 20 years and married since 2009). It is noteworthy that women test for coronavirus, showed negative result.

Both isolated home, in an apartment on the street of the Sculptor Vera Mukhina. If the spouse transferred the disease more or less firmly, then Mikhail Mikhailovich hard Zeeduin. April 17 in an apartment called an ambulance for advice. That day there for treatment in the hospital the doctors did not find, but after a few days the condition of the sick physician has deteriorated so much that he was sent to Kommunarka. Here in the hospital until April 27, he was in intensive care on a ventilator. Died the doctor at 5 in the morning.

Lebedev was born in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. He graduated from medical school and immediately got a job in a hospital. Has worked in medicine all my life. Mikhail Mikhailovich left three minor grandchildren (they are 15, 12 and 3 years). The funeral his son, as wife, Marina Nikolaevna — isolation at home. Funeral events will take place in Yaroslavl.

the social network is a colleague of the deceased doctor Anatoly krushelnitsky left a message: “He was a good, kind and very bright man. COVID-19 no regrets. Friends, take care of each other”.