the Deputies appealed to the Russian government to clarify parts that prevent the doctors to receive payments in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on health protection Fedot Tumusov.

According to him, the letter was signed and sent to the government on may 22. The Cabinet must respond to the order within 15 days. The fact that, as Tumusov said in his channel that not everyone is running with the coronavirus physicians received payments.

“my colleagues and suggested to request the government on several important points of this situation. First: the Cabinet of Ministers is meant by “risk group infected with coronavirus”? Because of the lack of definition of the term and cause of conflict”, – said the Deputy.

Tumusov stressed that the government is obliged to clearly define risk criteria, which should be wide enough.

second, he added, need to figure out how many doctors had to get paid and how many actually received, how much money was allocated and need you back. In his opinion, only in terms of numbers, we can say, “on the effectiveness of measures and correction of the system of payments”.