the defense Ministry presented the latest data about the epidemiological situation in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation: the number recovered from COVID-19 more and more exceeds the number of infected. This trend is observed more than a month.

According to the information on July 2, which are published in a special Bulletin on the website of the defense Department, over the past day in the sun after treatment recovered 88 soldiers. Thus, the total number of people who got rid of the infection, reached the army and Navy 6650 people.

in addition, since March 20 222 representative of the armed forces was removed from medical supervision after a two-week quarantine.

1316 However, soldiers with positive test results are still monitored by doctors; 1032 patient lying in the military hospitals; 66 man isolated at the place of service; 23 are in civilian hospitals and clinics; 195 more isolated at home.

since the beginning of the functioning of a multi-center, built for defense in 15 regions of the country, medical care was provided for 1359 patients, 233 of whom was a civilian. All of them received the necessary treatment in hospital, recovered and was discharged. “Patients get all kinds of specialized care, from diagnosis to surgical treatment on a wide range of pathologies, including victims of coronavirus infection”, – said the defense Ministry.