The decline in the incidence of coronavirus in the Moscow region is expected in June to end of may, the increase in infected people will stay at the same level, said in an interview with RIA Novosti chief epidemiologist of the Ministry of health of the Moscow region Zinaida Trush.

"for once in June, everything stopped – this will not happen. Again, we need a phased withdrawal of the existing restrictions", – said Trush.

The specialist noted that the sharp increase in cases COVID-19 in the region is constrained by the isolation imposed by the regime.

"If we do not follow all the rules: wear masks, keep a distance, to disinfect, then, of course, growth can go in the opposite direction. Again possible to increase the number of cases. The second wave, this one does not exclude" – said the expert.

In the suburbs, according to the latest data, revealed more than 20 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, 1236 recovered, 195 died.

In Russia as a whole, according to the latest information, identified more than 209 thousand cases COVID-19, more than 34 thousand patients out of this number recovered, 1915 people could not be saved.