the Unusual daughter of Michael Ephraim spoke about plans to marry his future wife. 19-year-old Anna Maria Efremova after the controversial program, which announced its non-traditional views on life, decided to have a Frank conversation with us.

the daughter of the honored artist Mikhail Efremov Anna Maria continues to shock people. The girl has unusual appearance and different non-standard behavior.

yesterday we spoke to Anna Maria about her mother — actress Ksenia Kachalina, star of the ‘ 90s too heavily abusing alcohol. But this time we decided to talk to Ephraim about her personal life.

“I’m not transgender. Not a transsexual. Not transport. I nbinary people, and the beginning of Anna Maria. — Nibinamik people have a gender identity that can go beyond the internal sensations within the traditional binary gender system. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus and I’m from the nebula of Andromeda, if the simple words. Love that quote”.

— are You planning to start a family?

— Plan, probably Yes. To legalize the relationship with his chosen, I would like (laughs).

Describe your future wedding?

— Like atypical wedding, therefore the engagement with my wife, we will likely bring some Christian baby deep in the forest on the rune stone in sacrifice to the dark gods.

— are You serious?!!

Is joke.

In what country you plan to get married?

the Country? I doubt that in 200-300 years will still exist in the country. Well, safe to legitimize the relationship between the girls will be possible only when humankind fully colonize the moon and Mars, and that’s exactly what will happen in 200-300 years. Joke. But seriously? I think in the UK or Sweden, most likely. Either in the United States, if it will improve the situation.

would You like to change gender?

— Even easier, for very dumb: floors do not plan to change. Quite simply, for ciliates: I’m not a woman and not a man, my profession is Tajik. This is also a joke. I deal with stress. To the citizens of Tajikistan no ill do not have.

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