a new type of Coronavirus and influenza treat acute respiratory infections, but the flu mostly affects the upper respiratory tract, and the coronavirus that causes the lungs. This was stated by the head of Department of clinical research, Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Tatiana Rozhentsova.

According to her, because of this distinction increases the incubation period of the coronavirus, and the duration of the disease. In addition, when COVID-19 there is a high risk of rapid changes in the patient’s condition: it dramatically deteriorates in the transition of virus from the upper respiratory tract at the bottom. “The risk of infection is very high, because the coronavirus can stay indoors for several hours. So the mask cannot be removed in any case”, – quotes RIA Novosti Rozhentsova, Recalling the TV channel “360”.

Earlier it was reported that the quarantine and prevention introduced the world to the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus, can weaken flu season. To such conclusion scientists from the British University of Central Lancashire. According to them, the government-proposed measures to combat the pandemic contributed to the development of healthy habits in the population: wash hands regularly, to keep social distance. However, scientists do not predict how much will decrease the incidence of influenza in the world.