By the morning of may 6, about 227 thousand people in Russia are under medical observation because of suspected new coronavirus. It is reported TASS with reference to the CPS

At the end of April under the supervision of the threat of coronavirus had about 192 people.

For the last day in the country 173 conducted thousands of tests for coronavirus. Total number held in Russia test reached 4.6 million. According to the Telegram-channel operational headquarters of Moscow, one million tests in the capital. Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova said that every day the city hosts more than 40 thousand analyses.

Over the past week in Moscow have doubled the amount of testing for coronavirus. The number of cases grows, the number of hospitalizations remained at the same level.

Mandatory in the capital to check people with symptoms of SARS patients with pneumonia, and everyone who lives with confirmed coronavirus patients. Also, the authorities organized a screening of physicians and social workers, transportation, housing, police and non-infectious patients in hospitals.

I wrote “the Rambler”, the last day in Russia has identified another 10 of 102 people with the coronavirus. For all the observation time in the country registered a 155 370 patients, 19 865 of them recovered, 1451 people died.