Lydia clerk of Bukowczyk was removed from office in the administration of the Engels district of Saratov region. About it reported in a press-service of regional administration. The official sacked after it in social networks on the Internet has published a review on help from the state to families with children. It Bukowczyk made a disparaging remark about young mothers.

Review the official discovered in the course of monitoring the media and social networks. The test showed that this statement is not consistent with accepted standards of ethics and morality, write "Free news" with reference to the press service of the administration of Engels district.

Lydia Bukowczyk dismissal was the acting head of the municipal "the center of youth initiatives". On may 11 she wrote in the social network "Vkontakte" under the pseudonym of Lydia Prozorova:

"Early money for the children’s birth were not given, no latcapital and once lived don’t whine. And now giving birth all must have. And the more you give, the more you want. It would be better to pensioners helped, that all life paid taxes and worked!"

After the journalists drew attention to the review, access to the page in prozorovo was limited. The acting head of the Engels district Alexey Strelnikov promised to look into the scandal and take "pretty hard" decisions, says "the Media".

President Vladimir Putin on 11 may stated that the allowance for child care doubled – up to 6750 rubles, and from June 1 will be carried out one-time payment of 10 000 rubles for each child aged 3 to 16 years.

In recent years, and even before a major crisis associated with the spread of coronavirus and the collapse in oil prices, officials of the most different Russian regions increasingly go disparaging and insulting remarks about citizens, including needy by the state. In the Novgorod region in the beginning of 2019, the speaker of the Duma, Elena Pisareva, commenting on the law on additional payments to women who gave birth to their first child under 30 years, stated that "after 30 years the woman understands that her money is needed, not a baby, which she will love". She later stated that the phrase was taken out of context.

A few days later the Treasury of controversial statements joined curator of work with young people in the Altai Krai Ekaterina Chetoshnikova, which condemned the "inflated" requirements of young professionals who do not want to get a small salary at start of career.

"excessive demands – this is not good, give me all at once, although do not represent themselves, but want the "Mercedes". The adequacy needs to be in everything," said Chetoshnikova.

After kato quote sold by the media, the official explained that the statement was dictated by her own experience and intention to help the youth in the implementation of all the talents.

At the end of December 2018, Minister of socio-demographic and social policy of the Samara region Marina Antimonov, responding to complaints about the low allowance for the care of children, offered to look for other ways of earning, for example, to plant gardens and orchards.

In October of the same year, a monologue about the opportunity to live in "makarushka" glorified is now the former Minister of employment, labour and migration of Saratov region Natalia Sokolova.

In early November of 2018, the furor, the Director of the Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Olga Glatskikh, said at a meeting with volunteers of youth associations, which should not state anything to the youth, because they do not ask parents to give birth. Unlike Sokolova, Glackin escaped with "serious conversation", but later filed a letter of resignation from the post.

Also distinguished Senator from the Bryansk region, the General Council "United Russia" Ekaterina Lakhova. Talking about the lowest living wage, she remembered the war, during which people "suffered the horrors and hunger", "made do", but was very "reasonable" and "head light".

"Maybe it is just the stress and deprivation the cause?" suggested Lakhova.

And the Governor of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov in the mother’s response to the complaint about the lack of nurseries and kindergartens in the village Saeki stated that it is useless to ask for help, and the child has to think of his father and grandfathers. However, after the scandal surrounding the Governor’s statements have gained momentum, the money for kindergarten immediately found.

On incorrect statements of the officials noticed in the message to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging "never allow arrogant attitude, contempt for the citizens neither in words nor in action". However, neither the shout of the Kremlin, nor the rapid deterioration of the socio-economic situation, leading to the impoverishment of the population, did not diminish the arrogance of the officials.