on Friday, lawyer Michael Ephraim, announced that the civil wife of the deceased in an accident the driver of Sergey Zakharov has submitted an application to the court for investigation. And added – the woman has no chance to be recognized as the victim.

Irina sterkhova, who lived with the victims for more than twenty years, commented on his decision.

– the Decision of the investigation that I can’t be the victim, we have long appealed. The consideration was appointed on July 31. But it makes no sense, because it is essentially Ephraim will be considered on July 29, – says Irina sterhova. – On Thursday I filed in the Presnensky district court court to recognize me the victim. The justification put relevant documents. As I understand it, my motion should be considered in that day will be the consideration of the merits, that is on 29 July. In any case, the judge must make a decision. Will not in our favor, we will go to complain to the city court. If I’m wrong, let me explain from the point of view of the law, why. And I wonder why our complaints about it are still not considered neither Prosecutor’s office nor the city Prosecutor’s office. Responses from these departments, I have not received.

Lawyer Ephraim is on his own – you can’t be a victim, because it was not officially formalized marriage.

– Relatively Pashayeva, his mocking my actions do not do him credit as a man, if he is trying to hurt the woman. Well, what is he a lawyer will show the court verdict. For some reason I think a lot of it then you will be disappointed.

the lawyer of the civil wife of the victim Vadim Nikulin commented: “We are his position are going to defend to the last. We will do everything possible to Sterhova recognized the victim because we think this is her right and you have a legitimate reason. Our arguments stated in complaints, no one has denied. The behavior and statements Pashayeva against Sterkhovoe and its position on the case I have no right to discuss, and I do not think it is worthy.”