Wimbledon is held each summer on the tennisanlegget just outside London, and is the world’s oldest tennis tournament. In June, it would 134. edition been played on the traditional gressbanene in England.

instead it was the Wimbledon cancelled for the first time since the second world war.

1.45 billion

According to the website Action Network sign Wimbledon organizers, The All England Club, pandemiforsikring 20 years ago. British ” The Times provide the same, and that the price is reported to be around 20 million a year.

We have always thought of buying as large a coverage as possible in the insurance, says a spokesperson for Wimbledon to the Action Network.

It is the reason why the tournament was cancelled, and not postponed for an indefinite period of time, as many other sporting events have done. The cancellation triggers pandemiforsikringen, which according to the website is at 110 million pounds, in excess of 1.45 billion Norwegian kroner at the current rate.

Dekningsbeløpet is however lower than the estimated revenues for the tournament. The All England Club had an estimated turnover of just over three billion. The largest revenue comes from sponsors, ticket sales and TV rights.

WIMBLEDON-CHIEF: Richard Lewis is the ceo of The All England Club, which sponsors the tennis tournament Wimbledon.

Photo: Andrew Boyers / Reuters

– of Course, we are fortunate to have the insurance. It helps us, but it does not solve all the problems. The details will not be clear in several months, ” said Wimbledon boss Richard Lewis.

on Monday this week was the traditional golfturneringen The Open also cancelled. The organiser, the Royal & Ancient, also have the character pandemiforsikring, but the amount paid is not known.

Large loss

EXPENSIVE: Tokyo 2020 was to Tokyo 2021, and it costs a lot of money.

Photo: Koji Sasahara / AP

Idrettsarrangører all over the world are struggling heavily because the events to be cancelled. The greatest loss there is likely for the organizer of the OLYMPIC games in Tokyo. Økonomieksperter suggested that the OL-delay costs between 67 and 70 billion.

The French tennis tournament Roland Garros was supposed to have started in may, but is postponed to september. They don’t have a similar insurance and run the risk of losing big money if not the tournament played in years.

According to the newspaper the Daily Mail run the risk of the French tennisforbundet a loss of nok 2.9 billion.

RISK of LOSS: The French tournament Roland Garros.

Photo: Thomas Samson / AFP