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Which countries are best equipped to get through the koronakrisa? The answer we can find in the new edition of the “Global Resilience Index”, which is made of forsikringsgiganten FM Global.

the Index measures a country’s ability to overcome crises, based on conditions such as political stability, economic strength, trust and openness.

It has been known that Norway tops this list, ahead of other nordic countries, followed by Switzerland and Germany. But who is the bottom?

Where we find the impoverished Chad, Ethiopia and Haiti. But also the oil-rich Venezuela, who is number 129 on the list, just ahead of Haiti – a country in ruins after huge natural disasters in the last decade.

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“People say that either door I of starvation, or so I’m infected by the koronaviruset”, reads the text of this Twitter-video from the town of El Valle in the Venezuelan capital Caracas.

Crisis on crisis

Koronapandemien is only the latest of many disasters that have hit Venezuela in recent years.

Vanstyret under president Nicolás Maduro has destroyed the economy and led to a breakdown in health care, five million people have fled from the country, and the revenues from the main industry, the oil industry, is in free fall.

Rationing of gasoline creates enormous problems in an already dire situation.


The last is due in part to the regime’s policies, but also the economic straffetiltakene as the united STATES and other western countries have implemented. On top of all this comes the devastating drop in oil prices the last few weeks.

Extensive measures

But even though Venezuela has few resources to meet a korona-crisis, so the government has put in place stringent measures, with utgangsforbud, halt in business activity, and closed borders.

so Far, the official koronatallene very low, about 170 infected and around 10 dead. How much these numbers say about the real situation, we do not know, but what we do know is that koronaviruset now spreading rapidly in the neighbouring countries of Brazil and Colombia.

We also know that thousands of venezuelan refugees is to go back to Venezuela, anything that carries an additional risk of the spread of the virus, and that is a great ekstrabelastning on scarce resources in the country.

Refugees returning home from Colombia, and get a health check before they have to quarantine.

Photo: SCHNEYDER MENDOZA you Will have ukebrev from Urix? Click here – Should we all die?

Koronavirusets’s premier victims, the elderly, are a particularly vulnerable group in Venezuela.

Around three million pensioners are living in deep poverty, with poor access to medications, and around 900.000 live alone for the rest of the family have fled from the country.

News agency Reuters has interviewed the 80-year-old Andrea Guerrero, who lives in a small apartment in the capital Caracas. She had a part-time job in the dishes on a

80-year-old Andrea Guerrero gets the food on the door from the authorities in his district in Caracas.


the restaurant, but it is closed because of koronaepidemien, and she is now totally dependent on help from neighbours and local authorities in order to survive.

– Should we all die now? she asks in the interview.

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