According to the law the most important questions gardeners have to decide at the General meetings held in presentia. But while on mass events is banned because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus, the meeting cannot proceed.

to Change the situation should be prepared in the Federation Council, the bill amending the law “On maintenance of citizens with gardening for their own needs”. The document was prepared for the second reading in the state Duma. Right now it can made the most significant amendment.

Originally intended to allow the correspondence of meetings on issues of election management bodies, approval of budgets, size and order of payment of contributions approval of the financial-economic substantiation of contributions and fees before the end of this year. But one of the authors of the initiative, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Andrey Kutepov believes that it is necessary to allow the use of a form of absentee congregation not for a particular year, and depending on the epidemiological situation in the country.

Kutepov said that most truckers – older people and are at risk. Even if the peak of the spread of coronavirus infection is passed, until the invention of vaccines and effective drugs, the risk of infection and spread of disease remains. The MP reminded that now in absentia may vote on vital issues of the nonprofit organization.

“In 2020, most SNT faced with the problem of restricting the holding of General meetings. Income and expenditure estimates, contributions and financial and economic justification, as a rule, are approved annually. Many of the presidents nearing the end of their term of office. The Chairman and members of the Board are elected for two years. The law allows you to elect them for five years, but for this we need to amend the Charter of the SNT. Although the Chairman and members of the Board of SNT are legitimate until new election at a regular or extraordinary General meeting, the banks began to block current account for the lack of a Protocol of the General meeting. But hold them we can not. That’s a paradox,” – said the first Deputy Chairman of the Moscow regional Duma, Chairman of the Union of gardeners of the Moscow region Nikita Chaplin.

He hoped that in July the bill on absentee voting will be accepted. According to him, to arrange absentee voting – the task of chair. Today there are special resources. The cottagers also need to have only Internet access and register on the site of the SNT.