a Matter of days remain in the Cabinet of Ministers to finalize a national action plan for the normalization of business life, to restore employment, incomes and economic growth and to proceed to active implementation of concrete steps. The President instructed to start the practical work from the beginning of July. In the plan, the government included more than 500 events. They need to be held in three stages before the end of next year. Costs are estimated at five trillion rubles.

“We are committed to a common purpose: to make the conditions of doing business in Russia, and the rules stable and predictable”, – said Mikhail Mishustin at the meeting with Boris Titov.

Now the Cabinet of Ministers, he said, has provided entrepreneurs with assistance to return to normal operation, but at the same time think about business development. In these tasks the goal of the measures laid down in the national plan of action for the recovery of the economy. “In finalizing the plan, we sought to take into account the opinion of representatives of all areas of each industry and business community. We believe that today in this difficult situation the state aid needs to become a support for companies and enterprises, to promote their further growth and to create the necessary incentives,” – said Mishustin.

Boris Titov admitted that government measures to help business. “However, in my opinion, there are reserves and possibilities of point of correction to this program, he added. In combination with large-scale investment in the economy, which has already been announced, they will make even more significant potential support in restoration of the enterprise after the lifting of restrictions. In terms of a significant reduction in consumer demand the business needed.”

in Parallel with the promotion of the real sector of the economy is the social support of the population. By decree of the President, the Cabinet amended the regulation on the presidential incentive payments to those who are directly providing care to patients with COVID-19. They will get them all summer months.

Mikhail Mishustin signed the government resolution on the extension of July and August additional payments to doctors and medical staff for performance of especially important works in the period of the pandemic. For the care of patients with infection doctors receive monthly 80 thousand rubles, nurses and doctors “first aid” – 50 thousand, nurses, paramedics and drivers “fast” – 25 thousand rubles. Payoffs are calculated from the very fact of work, without reference to shifts, hours or minutes.

Initially, incentive payments were set at three months from April to June. But last week, Vladimir Putin ordered to extend the mechanism to support those who are in the daily mode isconverges at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

the President also took the initiative, backed by its separate decree, to support families with children up to 16 years, another one-time payment – 10 thousand roubles on each child. The government has made necessary changes in the normative documents. Parents who have already received monthly payments for children of 3 years and a single payment for children from 3 to 16 years, in July money will be transferred automatically without the submission of additional statements. Those who have not yet applied for benefits, you must do so before October 1. A single payment for the months of June and July they will receive in one lump sum. For the implementation of new initiatives of the President, the government will send more than 270 billion rubles from its reserve Fund.

the Cabinet will give subsidies to banks for preferential loans to families with children, doctors and residents of the Far East. According to signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin the decree, the grants will provide credit institutions that offer loans at a discount of 10 percent from car cost to families raising at least one child, and to the medical staff of the state organizations. Cheaper than a new car will also cost those who donate their old car to trade-in the payment of the initial contribution, but the age of this car the title must be at least six years and be owned by the borrower more than a year. For residents of the Far East, the size of the discount increased to 25 percent. In addition, the maximum value of the car that you can borrow, from 1 million to 1.5 million rubles. This will allow large families to purchase a modern spacious vehicle.