the public Prosecutor’s office presented new evidence which, in her opinion, point to the involvement of Russia to the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17. The prosecution presented the record of the negotiations between the militia DND, discussing the launches of anti-aircraft missiles from the installation of air defense “Buk”, allegedly delivered from Russia. On the provided audio material involved in the case discuss the missile launch by Ukrainian military aircraft and its subsequent destruction. However, experts have questioned the authenticity. “MK” has found out how to fabricate the recording, which is now in the Hague are trying to present as irrefutable evidence.

In the Netherlands the trial continues in the case of the crash Board of Malaysian airlines Boeing MH-17 in the Donbas in July 2014. A number of experts around the world called the court “biased” and even “anti-Russian”.

According to the position of the Dutch public prosecution, the blame for the incident lies on Russia, which supplies to the conflict zone in the Donbass air defense systems “Buk”. Supposedly one of them shot down the Malaysian side. Defendants in the case are citizens of Russia Igor Girkin (Shooters), Sergey Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov, as well as a citizen of Ukraine Leonid Kharchenko. In 2014, the defendants participated in the fighting on the side of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. According to the investigation, they organized or participated in the delivery of air defense systems “Buk” in the Donbass. Moreover, they allegedly gave the order for the missile attack, the victim of which was the airliner with 298 people on Board. However, serious evidence of these arguments were never in all the years provided. It actually crumbled.

However, after the break caused by the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, the Dutch Prosecutor’s office has new evidence – audio recording. This is the recording phone calls between the defendants discussing details of the attack.

In the case that the evidence will be found genuine, the court may obtain grounds for accusing Russia of supplying weapons to the conflict zone. However, until new evidence cause only criticism with the defense of the accused and the expert community.

Lawyers do not exclude that before the publication of the recordings could be mounted. Also, the defense notes that the voices on the tape sound too sure and it is accented, as if someone had dictated. Despite the objections of the defense, new evidence will be filed, indirectly confirming the version of the investigation about the guilt of Russia in the disaster struck. The defense intends to attract to the study of audio professionals. However, even without detailed evaluation, the new data of the investigation of the cause of experts a lot of questions.

How did you learn the “MK”, AUdysaphis alleged negotiations, provided that the Procurator in the Hague, you can create and edit literally at the knee with your smartphone

– For deep editing of voices and sounds today, there are just a lot of different programs, – told the “MK” sound and artist sound, a graduate of the prestigious University of California at Berkeley Vyacheslav Jozef. – Using them in terms of sound and speech, you can create anything. And if you connect in using artificial intelligence and neural networks, you can create voices and sounds indistinguishable from the original. But if you talk about film and audio recordings of telephone conversations, then there are fairly simple tools. Enough even smartphone in order to edit the record of negotiations. And even tighten the timbre and tonality of the phrase to sound the most natural and organic.

the Expert says: with quality installation of audio, even the most meticulous examination may not distinguish where the original and where the fake sound. “Modern technologies allow it”, he concluded.

However, for the international investigation team and the prosecution, it is important to adduce even indirect and de minimis evidence. Thus creating obstacles for the possible inclusion of Russia in a group to investigate the causes of the disaster. As previously stated, the Dutch lawyer Sabine ten Doeschate to Russia’s participation in the international investigation team there are no legal impediments. And if the Russian side will be included in the investigation team, it has not come out to accuse her of anything. Therefore, according to the experts, the investigation, which had already taken anti-Russian stance, can go to the publication of fabricated materials with the sole purpose to eliminate the participation of Russian specialists in the process.

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