the actions of the CEC of Belarus, to prevent the election of Viktor Babariko and Valery Tsepkalo, Belarusian responded with a wave of protests. The actions took place in Minsk, Grodno, Gomel and other cities. Security forces traditionally had detention by police at least 215 people. However, the protests gathered much less people than in June. And the opposition had no leaders, no clear understanding of the goal.

were Not seen in street protests and was the presidential candidates – Andrei Dmitriev, Svetlana Tikhanovski, Sergey Caraceni and Anna Konopacka. Lukashenka’s yet to decide for himself how to build his campaign for the next three weeks. In social networks rather loud calls to boycott the presidential elections.

However, the registered presidential candidates are not going to go. If Konopacky says that everything is bad and she has no one to unite, Dmitriev and Caraceni open to suggestions. Svetlana Tikhanovski while alliances did not think, but he managed to appeal to the security forces involved in the crackdown on unauthorized protests. According to her, the police are engaged in “genocide”, so should come to their senses while there’s still time.

Belarusian experts, both Pro-government and opposition agree that the wave of protest began to decline. If the June promotions cover several social groups, there are now, mostly, young people, the so-called “hipsters”. And the protesters are experiencing an acute shortage of leaders. People do not understand why they came and what to achieve. However, the participants of the protests on 14 July urged the Belarusians to join them and 15 July. This idea was supported by Valery Tsepkalo.

the Official structures through the state media trying to convince us that support for Lukashenko is at about 80%, and the registered opposition candidates gain in the best case scenario of 2.2%. As told “MK” Belarusian political scientist Alexander klaskovsky, the acting President took the situation under control.

– the Current election campaign has already surpassed the scale of 2010, which was considered an example of the brutality of the authorities. But if then again defeated about 700 people, now even before the elections have detained about 900 people. With the elections already, all is clear: to count the votes will not. People Lukashenko just draw a comfortable result, and this result no one will know. The opposition is thus fragmented and has no common plan of action. Most likely, they’ll take the vote between them, and this will all end. In order not to embarrass themselves, they need to unite, but it is unlikely we will see. Another thing is that after the elections, the Belarusians are not a��oats. Lukashenka has no positive program of reforms, this means that residents will continue to protest because they need.


the Candidate in presidents of Belarus Andrey Dmitriev in an interview with “MK” talked about other expectations for the next three weeks:

– People are protesting the very Belarusian- without any hint of violence. I would not be talking about is whether the protest wave on the decline or not. In General, every day in Belarus, more and more people who want for their country’s new President.

What are your plans for the remaining time?

I want to pass on the maximum number of places in the country. After his speech, the CEC, I have received hundreds of invitations, so numerous to talk to everyone, shake their hand and show that they are not alone if you think that Belarus must pass fair elections, which should be a new President. And the next 5 years we will work to do to live in peace and harmony and not in constant search of enemies and excuses as to why our children have to go abroad.

– unification Talks with other candidates are?

– While this question is not. Personally, I think that we should all be United by a common task of selecting a new President. But I don’t see the problem, if everyone would do in his place what he thinks is right and comfortable – it’s guerrilla tactics. However, I don’t refuse to negotiate. All who believe in democracy, must unite in this campaign, which has already become a campaign of solidarity.

the polls that circulate the country’s authorities, opposition candidates gaining at best about 2%. You are ready for such fraud, how will you respond to such voting results?

– Extremely negative. We call on Belarusians to vote on 9 August, but also to join the observers. I’m sure we can put their people on all polling stations.

– do You support those people who go to street protests, or should be other ways of dealing?

– Each finds its way public displays of solidarity. No matter, it turns out the man on the street, send parcels to political prisoners, feeding the pigeons or doing something else. I don’t want supporters of the change have suffered, but it is important to speak publicly about their position. Today in Belarus there was a time when the public position of people can change the outcome of the vote, which seems already a foregone conclusion.

– do you Have Analytics on your level of support Lukashenko, and so on?

but we have no such data, including Lukashenka. The figures issued by the office of the incumbent President, saying that the head of state lives in with��oih myths. I want to live in reality. It is important that Belarusians understand that we have an opportunity quietly and peacefully to choose their new President.