In June and then in July, Vladimir Putin gave all families with children from 3 to 16 years of age, a lump-sum benefit in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. For many Russians, left without work in a pandemic, the money became the present rescue. However, at the moment the financial situation of a people are improved. And very soon will need to collect the kids to school and kindergarten, which is also traditionally comes at a price. In this regard, parents published on the Internet a petition to the President to extend children’s payments even for August.

To date, the petition of parents to Putin has already gathered nearly 80 thousand signatures. The authors note that previous assistance to children in the context of the pandemic was very helpful. Many were able to pay off debts, buy children clothes for the summer. However, despite the resumption of work of the enterprises, the economic situation in the country has not improved.

“Many are still sitting with no money and with fear waiting for the start of the school year. September 1 – this is a huge cost: you have to buy not only stationery, but also clothes, sportswear, shoes, backpack. Usually fees to study cost up to 20 thousand rubles. And today many are afraid that they will have to get into loans. In such a situation, financial assistance to families with children would be very helpful! Therefore, we, the Russian mother, asking President Vladimir Putin for the third time to help families in August to give all another allowance!”, – the authors of the petition.

Among the people who signed the petition are very many families with many children, single mothers and people from regions with low wages. Many say that in recent months has survived only thanks to the benefit of the President.

“I am the mother of three children! My husband lost his job, these months we were rescued only thanks to payments, but have loans, which has not been canceled, and eat, and raise children something necessary, not to mention the fees to the school!” – Yvette said.

“they Are a single mom, the last three months get paid a penny (I have it so small). And when will restore the previous salary is unknown. And the child it is necessary to feed and clothe, so next payment will be very useful to me and many Russian families,” – said Julia.

Many of the signatories of the petition believe that the August allowance children do not need to get the kids to school, and to purchase computers or laptops, as distance learning will not end.

Some adults went a step further and propose to introduce an allowance for all minor children on a regular basis, even when the pandemic will end.

“I believe that assistance should be provided to families with children on a regular basis and not just for school or because of a pandemic, as the price of clothing for children, rabid, mugs ��CE pay, training and kindergartens, despite the fact that supposedly, they are free, in fact, represent a monthly pumping money! Learning in school, there is one teaching, the teacher will not teach the child for free, is the goal to teach for the money”, – says Olga.

of Course, deeply offended this summer myself continue to feel the parents of 16-17-year-olds, which has not affected Putin’s payments. Despite the active requests of the Russians in the end of June, the labour Ministry has refused to authorize payment of 10 thousand rubles for the children of this age.

“teenagers form very expensive as adults, and they eat too more. Help 16-17-year-olds, too, please,” asks the President Tatiana.