the Rules of entry to Russia for migrants can be tightened. MIA plans to take fingerprints even from those who do not need a visa, the relevant draft has already been developed.

In the power Department complain that now foreigners who enjoy the visa-free regime can live in our country without fingerprinting and a medical examination. This fragmented control of the health of migrants and the total lack of filter on the entrance increase the risk of spread of dangerous infectious diseases is emphasized in the explanatory Memorandum. In addition, an efficient algorithm for action against foreign visitors who have an infection to be detected is still possible, too, does not exist. Third problem – the impossibility of identification of visa-free migrants biometric data. Fingerprints are not taken, and, therefore, to monitor the implementation of decisions on the expulsion of the objectionable foreigner is extremely difficult. The Agency described the most common scenario: a person non grata goes home, there straightens the document to a different name and with a fictitious, but crystal clear biography and newly arrived in Russia. Same problem at the security forces and with the identification of migrants, seen in connection with terrorist organizations and are wanted. Not to look for aliens as a needle in a haystack, the interior Ministry decided to tighten the rules of entry on the Russian territory. Fingerprint registration and photography will be mandatory for all migrants. And foreigners who plan to stay there for more than 30 days, you will need to undergo a medical examination.