The government is discussing an increase this year of 7.7 billion rubles of budget construction and reconstruction of roads at the expense of future periods. This decision may allow to complete the works by road R-217 “Caucasus” and R-228 at one of the sites in the Saratov region. In addition, the reallocation of funds will affect M-5 “Ural” and the Perm—Ekaterinburg. Experts note that the construction of road infrastructure has a great influence on related industries on the background of overall cuts in budgets, but recognize that the amount of incremental funding is not big enough.The government could reallocate funding for the construction and reconstruction of roads within the framework of the comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure (KMI) with the future periods 2020, the materials for the meeting of the project Committee of the transport part of KPMI consulted by Kommersant. In the device profile Vice-Premier Marat Khusnullin reviews not given.In particular, we are talking about increase in financing of works on sections of the highway M-5 “Ural”. So, the construction budget on a site in the suburbs (the bypass Oktyabrsky bridge over the Moscow river) in 2020 will grow by 1.4 billion RUB to 3.9 billion RUB due to the redistribution of these funds in 2022 (1.4 billion rubles) and 2023 (58 million RUB). Work on the segment of ul’yanino—Kaunas this year may rise by 1.1 billion RUB almost to RUB 1.4 billion, with a decrease in funding in 2022 1.2 billion rubles On the road “Ural” in Bashkortostan, funding for reconstruction this year could grow by RUB 680 million, to 880,8 million rubles, a decrease in subsequent years.For the reconstruction of the highway 1P 242 Perm—Yekaterinburg this year can send almost by RUB 509 million more than planned, with a proportional reduction in 2022. The total budget will be nearly 809 million rubles In the same way RUB 2 billion may increase this year and the budget for the reconstruction of highway A-157 Mineralnye Vody (airport)—Kislovodsk on the area in Stavropol Krai.Some of the objects of CPMI are encouraged to enter before the deadline: the end of reconstruction of road R-217 “Caucasus” at the site in Dagestan may be postponed from 2022 to 2020, also this year it is proposed to Commission the overpass over the railroad in the Saratov region on the highway R-228 Syzran—Saratov—Volgograd, funding for which will rise in 2020 to 481 million rubles will Increase by 800 million rubles and the budget of the construction of the bypass railway station hay in the Saratov region on the same track.In some cases, funding will increase, and in 2021 through 2022, the budget works on sections of the highway M-10 “Scandinavia” from St. Petersburg via Vyborg to the border with Finland will grow by 500 million rubles, to 4.4 billion RUB in 2021��do.Marat Khusnullin said the discussion of the possibility to perform the scope of work in 2020. “It is so important that we can from the program 2021-2022 years to start to design and build these roads,” he explained, noting that only in the construction and maintenance of roads in the Russian Federation has a million employees, “and about one million working in related industries”. Vladimir Putin noted the possibility of redistribution of the expenses under the national project to increase the pace, “the construction and repair of roads and thereby additionally loads of orders construction and related industries, to maintain employment”. At the meeting to support the construction industry and housing and communal services on may 26, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin demanded to keep the volume of construction in the framework of the national projects and Federal targeted programmes.The head of the public Council of the Ministry of transport, Director of the Institute of transport Economics VSHE Michael Blinkin calls “an important signal” the fact that against the background of General discussion on the reduction of funding for road programs are not being cut. Infrastructure construction is one of the important factors out of the crisis, he notes: even a repair work in the framework of the national project “Safe and quality roads” give huge scope for small and medium business, and large road construction projects especially have a huge economic impact, including at the expense of needed metals, building materials, road-building machinery (DST).InfraONE head of Research Alexander Galaktionov notes that the overall increase in the volume of road construction can mitigate the fall in GDP and to support the economy, providing a stimulating effect on related industries and creating jobs. The increase in volumes of financing of actions for construction and reconstruction of highways of 7.7 billion rubles in the framework of KMI will not in itself produce much effect, she says, but at the expense of the works on this amount can be made targets of disbursement.Olga Nikitina, Natalia Skorlygina