Almost half of the dealers may not return to work after a pandemic, if the state does not support them. That area is in a critical condition, said members of the Association “Russian automobile dealers”. They sent a letter requesting assistance to the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. The document States that in April alone the dealers lost about 60% of revenue and were cut off from all support measures.The list of affected industries, they were not included on formal grounds, said the President of “Russian automobile dealers” Oleg Moseev: “the First problem is Okwedy. Many dealers have the classifiers of economic activities a higher level than those specified in the government decree on the inclusion of the sector in the list of victims. Often this is not the initiative of the dealer: the transition from old systems to the new NACE just automatically perenaznachenie classifiers of a higher level. It turns out that a significant part of the dealers just on formal grounds does not fall.We offered to raise NACE to a higher level or to include a second identifier — INN, which will be provided by the manufacturer, there will be confirmed that it is their official dealers”. Companies can’t get government support because they do not fall under the criteria for small and medium business in terms of revenue. But major benefits not entitled. But the Association believes this approach is unfair and insist that their needs to classify to medium-sized businesses. Without the help of the state of crisis of the industry not to go, said the President of group of companies Favorit Motors Vladimir Popov: “the Market was faced with a real drop in sales of 85% — this is 3.5 thousand dealerships that provide the activities of this industry. The profitability of the automotive business does not exceed 2%. It is not necessary to believe in some fairy tale, that dealers earn a lot of money. Exclusively by based technologies, service processes, we can be profitable. With a total return of 2% we were stopped for two months and has not provided support measures. Then what wonder that 40% of companies go bankrupt? Yes, there are strong dealers who 25 years on the market, such as our group. But even we have the resources and the margin of safety is not limitless.” Read daleys for pandemic Renault plans to lay off almost 15 thousand employees and cut world production from 4 to 3 million by 2024. From-for falling of demand it would also reduce its spending by €2 billion by Anna Nikitina