MOSCOW, 30 may — RIA Novosti. Fines for failure to vaccinate will affect only professional risk groups, reported in Rospotrebnadzor.

“In the list of works the implementation of which is associated with a high risk of disease communicable diseases and demands obligatory carrying out preventive inoculations are, for example, work with patients with infectious diseases, blood and body fluids of man, working to care for the animals and so on”, — stated in the message press service Agency.

the Penalties for vaccine refusal involves the draft of the new Code of administrative offences, which was published by the Ministry of justice.

As follows from the document, a violation of the law on sanitary-epidemiological welfare, including refusal to conduct medical examinations, preventive vaccination and health education, faces an administrative fine ranging from five to seven thousand.

For officials the penalty will make from seven to ten thousand rubles for individual entrepreneurs — from 10 thousand to 20 thousand, for legal entities — from 20 to 30 thousand. The last two categories are also facing administrative prohibition of activity for up to 30 days.