Followed by boutiques in Paris, Cannes, Monaco and Geneva Parisian jewelry house Boucheron opened its store in Moscow on Petrovka. Among other collections of the brand, the boutique offers new arrivals a-line Animaux de collection, the main characters are animals and birds. The history of the Maison Boucheron bestiary began in 1866. Since then, the jewelry house is cut, polished and decorated with decoration of precious stones so that each resembles a living creature that clung to his ear, gently coiled itself around the neck or sits on your finger. The new occupant of the bestiary — tit The Chickadee, who represents youth, spontaneity and loyalty. Carved, decorated with diamonds, polished, full of contrasts, with eyes of black sapphire, silky and shiny breast feathers of yellow gold, the bird on the ring, the bracelet or the pendant will be a nice good-luck charm. Because when you choose an animal, get attached to it forever and it becomes more than an ornament.The safety and health of customers and employees are now the main priority, so in areas regularly granted the necessary disinfection and sanitary facilities for personal protection.