Enterprising Russians have started to sell creams to protect from 5G radiation. And sometimes 6G! Yes, this radiation yet, but it does not mean that the new creams will not protect from it, the authors write ads.Malicious emission of 5G networks is one of the most popular fakes times pandemic. Although the first statements about the possible adverse effects of telecommunication the new standard appeared in 2018, with the spread of coronavirus, their popularity has increased dramatically. The fact that the first tower of the 5G standard appeared in Wuhan on the eve of the outbreak COVID-19. The conspiracy theorists that was enough to decide what 5G contributes to the spread of the virus. According to them, the network of a new type suppress immunity, and quarantine countries have introduced, so that people are unable to put the installation of these towers. Despite the claims of scientists, engineers and physicians about the lack of any connection with the virus theory became so popular that in different countries began to set fire the tower of the 5G standard. In the UK burned at least three dozen. Came a wave and to Russia in mid-April near the village of Nogir in North Ossetia for the tower took a regular phone, standard GSM. It and burned it down, leaving the little town without communication.In the West the spread of conspiracy theories promoted post Hollywood star woody Harrelson. In Russia a kind of “Ambassador” of the theory became former member of House 2 Victoria Bonia. In his instagram she conducts hours-long live broadcasts, talking about the harm 5G radiation. Another socialite Bonia believes that people are afraid of the coronavirus, so using a vaccine against infection them chipped, and behind all this is Microsoft co-founder bill gates.And so the network began to appear special creams to protect from 5G radiation! You can find them mostly on the boards classifieds and all creams are different.First attracted me ad “Protective cream 5G” for 1000. Seller Olga readily says about the product: “composed of a special micro-particles that when applied on the skin and create a protective screen. And the waves 5G and through it pass”. Clarify that for particles. “Silver particles” – says Olga. Production – Russia, the seller uses it herself and says that he was very satisfied: “In the first days of use, nothing unusual, a week later, even breathing becomes easier.” Olga says that the cream protects against chipping.The seller Roma Arseblog asks for the product is 1500. Cream handmade. “We collected Shilajit from the mountains the sun of the Altai Republic. It is this component for centuries protected the skin of our ancestors from all kinds of influences,” explains Roma. The ad text indicates that the cream of the Roman confronts and 5G and 6G-radiation. Check with the author what is 6G. “It’s marketingth turn, means that there is no such radiation, which can’t handle our cream” honest responsible seller.The seller Anatoly wants cream Japanese made 3100 roubles. Of all respondents, vendors, he is perhaps the most uncommunicative. First sends a description that fits almost any care cream. The question of how the cream protects from 5G, sends read blog Victoria Boni. Judging by the reviews, at least one person has already transferred the money for Anatolia “mask from 5G”, but have not received the goods.In the regions, the price of such funds is more democratic than creams and lotions to protect against the “harmful emissions”can I find for 250 rubles, and cream for 2500 will be added “blockers chips”. The seller is in the Samara region, but is willing to send goods to Russia.All authors ads offer to apply the cream on exposed skin. They probably think that 5G radiation – the analogue of ultraviolet.The network has a frankly humorous suggestions. The authors of one of the ads claim that the cream is made according to a secret Soviet drawings. In the fight with 5G light came not only the sellers of creams. The ads you can find water … to keep harm from 5G, charms, charms and even protective nail Polish. And on the international platform eBay sells USB flash drive, which creates a “quantum holographic field” around the computer and its owner, protecting from the influence of 5G networks. The price – 30 thousand rubles. For 3 thousand rubles from the UK you can order a “cap Faraday”, protecting the head from the supposedly harmful rays. A similar cap from China costs 1500 rubles, and if you believe the website, 124 people have already ordered a headdress for a real conspiracy.