Rita Dakota/Yana Rudkovskaya

Secular parties are still on hiatus, but secular scandals continue. The eternal theme of “does the face control Suite” was developed this weekend. Instagram has launched a new “give” (the raffle, for which it is necessary to subscribe to multiple accounts and put them huskies) where the prize should be of bags and suitcases from Louis Vuitton. br>
Posts-announcements appeared in the blogs of many celebrities, including Regina Todorenko, Natalia Yakimchuk and others. Among them was 30-year-old Rita Dakota, but not for long: as later reported, the singer, got in touch with her 45-year-old Yana Rudkovskaya (it is called the organizer of the “Giva”) and asked to remove the post, saying that the participation of Rita’s looks “dermansky and horrible.” Restoring the chronology and the essence of the conflict in our material.

Yana Rudkovskaya

on Saturday, Rita Dakota decided to explain to their subscribers why her ribbon disappeared post with Louis Vuitton handbags and the announcement of a drawing, which she posted on my blog earlier.

Post with LV bags I didn’t “decide to remove” made me do it. More precisely, the “strongly recommended”, and I quote,

— written by Dakota.

Rita Dakota

According to her, the cause of the conflict was that photo of Rita did not at home, and in a special apartment of the boutique in Gum, where access is only for the elite customers.

after Another five minutes of me calling Yana Rudkovskaya (note, the climax of the story) and the icy metallic voice announced that the organizer of the circle is actually a she, and I wasn’t even supposed to be, and she is perplexed, “how I got there”. br>
she was a VIP and friend of the brand and she for me, her “Paris is calling”, and to me there’s no telling at all, and next the flow of arrogant rudeness a few minutes in a row “clearly explains” why I am “giving subscribers handbags Louis”, reduce the degree of the company and look “germanski”,

— explained to subscribers the singer, mentioning that John is also pointed out to her that as the representatives of the brand in Russia can explain to her why she is not suitable.

In his post, Dakota turned to him with a request to clarify some points including why, of all the bloggers to remove the post just asked for it, and also why each brand, singer Billy Iles, speaks out against bullying and discrimination, and the Russian office and each brand Yana Rudkovskaya doing exactly that against her, Rita Dakota.

Luxury x****. Handbags — decay. They do not make people humane, humane, fair. Each of you is already better because you would never have allowed himself to behave with those who are “below”, and so visokomerniye,

concluded Rita.

In the comments it was supported by fans and famous friends, including ISA Anokhin, VI��thorium Lopyreva, Sasha Zvereva, Sati Kazanova and others.

Thank heavens that now these concepts of “Vipassana” die! Also thanks to such a bold and honest like you! Love and admire!

— written by Sati Kazanova

Others also suggested Rita not to worry about the incident and suggested that soon, Yana Rudkovskaya going to issue an apology. Discussed the scandal and telegram channels and in the official account of Louis Vuitton there were comments from angered users with the requirement to reconsider the relationship of the brand with Yana Rudkovskaya.

Then the connection came and Yana, however, is not with your subscribers or Rita, and with the publication Rudkovskaya stated that it was not called Rita, and has sent a voice message — the recording she gave reporters

first, by this action the house of Louis Vuitton is irrelevant, and secondly, initially consisting of participants and organizers at the head with me there were only 13 people. I am not opposed to you (Rita Dakota. — Approx. ed.) was there, but told me at the last moment. br>
you Know, I, Natalia Yakimchuk — we are friends of the brand Louis Vuitton, friends of the brand — those people who have a relationship with the company. When, after a launch promotion I people write: you hand out handbags Louis Vuitton, is reduces the degree and level of this story. “Distribute Louis Vuitton” — even sounds weird. These things bought me. So I have every right to make comments. I don’t mind that you were in the circle, but I am against such submission, the wording, it belittles the status of the stock, the brand image, for whom I have great respect. br>
Agree, when people get into the apartment Louis Vuitton, there are not photographed with their bags, and then write that distribute any bags — this is a forgery and false information. I explained to you my position is absolutely tactful, not rude. And once again I explain: I don’t have any claims to you, except that if you are photographed with other people’s bags, no need to write that there is something you distribute,

— quoted in Yana’s edition.

the Dakota decided, it seems, respond not to wait and forced his hand. Sunday in her instagram there’s a new post.

No, I have to Yana Rudkovskaya personally do not have any single claim (moreover, commentators, insulting her hair color, manner of dress or, God forbid, child — I firmly and in the case of pulls). No, she’s in front of me until I apologize, but I accept her apology, if they were available. I forgive you, Jan. I’m sure you’re a good man, just with their fears and pains,

— written by Rita, making it clear he wants to close the topic.

it would Seem that this conflict could be reached, but today the story will be continued. In storis Yana Rudkovskaya shared that listened to the new album, Rita, which was released a month ago, and praised the new material, the singer, calling her “krasivoy”.

the reaction of the Dakota not long in coming, and compliments the music producer she’s clearly not appreciated.

If there is a bottom, that is, the bottom of the bottom. Likely, crisis Manager advised Yana Rudkovskaya to pretend that we actually have with her girlfriends and it’s a conspiracy. All night I was sent screenshots Anenih stories where she’s hysterical, “admire” my work and asks to “lift the album up the charts,” calling me “Retusa”. Curtain. The album, which came out a month ago. br>
of Course, in the world where they live, such as Yana, it’s better than to apologize to the man whom he had humiliated, devalued, insulted. Try messy play, spotlight, to throw a shadow on him, make fun of. Subtly and cleverly. And very, very low. I remind you that in front of me so still not apologized nor Jan, nor the representatives of Louis Vuitton. br>
All the thousands of posts that you wrote in trying to support me, remained without response. Powerful — care. (PS No I am Yana not “Retusa”. I this woman did not know, and do not want to know.) Continue to watch this circus

— written by Rita.

Not commenting on the situation with the “givon”, Rudkovskaya decided to protect their right to professional statements as a music producer.

Circus what? That Yana Rudkovskaya drew attention to the album, the talented singer and decided to support her creativity and highlighted the best track of the album and praised (admired) for a quality material? Well, times went well, customs,

— Ian wrote in his telegram channel, quoting screens storis Rita, which was published by the channel “Just anyone.”

I do no one fighting to put up with, I am the dove of peace

— added later Jan making a reference to the name of your channel.

Well, it seems that the week will be interesting! And you on whose party in this dispute?