Tommy Morrison (48-3-1, 42 Ko) had declined as a rising Contender in 1993 George Foreman for the WBO belt successfully against Tim Tomashek defended. Then The Great White Hope hit “” at the 29. October of that year to Michael Bentt (11-2, 6 K. o.). It was as a young “Prospect”, was faced with a 10-to-1, however, is the clear Underdog in the book. All the more surprising the result of the struggle in the Civic Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma (United States): Morrison, a covered Bentt early with punch combinations, but was then hit by a counterattack and conceded after a combination according to any of the others. The result: After he had taught Morrison three Knockdowns and won by Bentt by T. K. o. in round one.

Then the sensation of the winner came at 19. March 1994 title defense against the undefeated Herbie Hide on and against the recommendation of his doctor, because Bentt was already gone in Sparring, knocked out. -Hide offset the chance of loose Bentt in the football stadium of FC Arsenal in the seventh round of the K. o. With dire consequences for the short-time Champ: Bentt was brain bleeding for four days in a coma. Fortunately, the London base escaped damage, but had to take the boxes good-bye. For him, there was a Happy End in any other way. While his Ex-opponent Tommy Morrison, a great-nephew of movie legend John Wayne, as the actor had tried but except for the role of Tommy ‘Machine’ Gunn in “Rocky V” not got a lot of Parts that could Bentt build a smaller career in front of the camera. His biggest role was as Sonny Liston in Michael Mann’s Biopic “Ali”.

Text: Nils Bothmann & Frank Schwantes

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