She was isolated there in quarantine

21-year-old marketing Manager from Melbourne Michaela Gill during the outbreak of coronavirus was on a business trip in London. A month later she still managed to come back from the UK home, but on arrival it waited the mandatory 14-day quarantine. It Michael now spends in a hotel room at the hotel in Melbourne.

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Gill is a real fan of fitness and healthy eating, and even leads on this blog. Being locked in a room, Michaela started to do yoga and different exercises, but that it was not enough, and she decided to run a half marathon at a distance of 23 kilometers in the room.

the girl Ran along the 10-foot wall there and back, sometimes wrapping to the bathroom to “some fun” route. The run took her three hours, though, she had to stop a couple of times to get the delivery of products and put them in the fridge.

However, the result was impressive, and the runner was satisfied. She has published in a social network post with a video and the end result, which fixed it fitness bracelet.

Publish from Mikaela Gill (@mikaelagillfit) 24 May, 2020 at 1:57 PDT

Michaela said, it is not particularly loves to run and never participated in any marathons, but sitting alone in quarantine, she wanted to test himself, writes Daily Mail.

Catherine Gura