Detained in protests against the resumption of construction on Birch Avenue, the actress was released from the police station.

The lawyer of the actress Jeanne Margulies commented on this story.

“with Agatha just went to the office to find out how it got to where it is not necessary. Police initially reported that she was in this place violated the regime of self-isolation. Was interviewed. Found out that Agatha did not break anything”, – quotes the words of Margulis channel 5.

Agatha herself said that the incident is exhausted.

“Everything was decided well, the police I have no complaints there.”

Former to the Birch alley along with Agatha Anatoly Bulatov and Olga Andreeva less fortunate.

They drew up administrative reports under article “Violation of requirements of normative legal acts aimed at the establishment and maintenance of a mode of alert”.

Agatha muceniece was taken to the police

The detainees ‘ lawyer Dmitry Grabs said that his clients will appeal to appeal against the decision of the police to the court.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the actress Agatha muceniece was taken to the police for violation of the regime of self-isolation.

Agatha in the composition of the initiative group came out to protest against construction on Birch Avenue near the station “River station” Moscow metro.