The Russian school will open for students in early September. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said on air of the program “Vesti” channel “Russia 1”.

According to her, “with high probability” to traditional learning, the students will return at the beginning of the new academic year. To this end, the service has prepared special recommendations for the organization of educational process in schools.

“you need to Learn cannot be undone. And, in General, today the situation is manageable,” concluded Popov.

Popov is also called the timing of achieving a low number of people infected with coronavirus. According to her, it will take another month to reach the minimum number of infections. In this issue, the CPS tends to zero, she said.

Russian schools — schools, universities, colleges have changed distance learning in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. Exam and the entrance exams to the universities was postponed in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus, but hold them internally.